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The X-Bomber from the Star Fleet TV Series

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The X-Bomber in action!

So, nearly at the halfway mark to get more time. Having checked, I think this video should be ok although my hands feature! Here I show a 360 degree rotation using a Lego turntable (of course!), the launch mechanism proving the missiles can fly, the landing strut functionality and general whooshing to show how easy it is to grip!

So I'm going to continue promotion elsewhere, but do please see what you can do yourself if you feel like it! If I get the extension, I have a couple of other ideas to enhance the set which I will develop later. Thanks for reading!

PS the turntable isn't part of the set!

Revision and Flyby

Thank you for the support so far.  After I'd uploaded I realised something was off - I think I'd been working on it a little too long!  The forward engine intakes were a brick or so high, so I've moved them back down to where they always had been just before I took the project photos (!)  New view is below, which also includes a tweak to the upper edge of the neck.

I've also uploaded a small flyby video to YouTube:

It's hard to describe the feel of the model here, and I'm just trying to establish whether a hand in the graphics is allowed, so until then this might just give you a slight feel for how it looks more interactively.  Please do leave feedback if you have any questions or would like any other photos.

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