Product Idea

The Christmas Truck

I was inspired by the Land Rover challenge,I want to make a difference in someone's life and I also want to help people with their imagination;to make a challenge that they can't resist.
This Christmas truck could change your life.
The truck can carry Christmas trees on the top,put a chain on the back and it can haul it off to the dump as well;this one-of-a-kind truck has special tires and can be in any weather.
It carries 5 passengers,groceries,and pets;it has the rail for you to step up if you are short.These trucks come in different colors,they are built in many ways;they can be made into a diesel engine truck or a gasoline engine
This vehicle can enter off road races,can rescue trains that have been derailed or just be fast to get to school on time;you don't want to pass up on the chance to have a wonderful ride...who knows? Maybe someday you could enter the Indie 500!