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SpaceX Falcon 1

This is a model of the SpaceX Falcon 1, specifically carrying the dummy payload known as RatSat, launched on flight 4. Notably, flight 4 was the first successful mission of a SpaceX rocket. Falcon 1 launched a total of 5 times before SpaceX transitioned to the well known Falcon 9. The first stage engine is composed of a Merlin engine, whilst the second stage propels itself with a Kestrel engine. The rocket had a proposed payload capacity of 670 kg to LEO (low earth orbit) at an altitude of 180 km.

To me, the Falcon 1 is the rocket which not only kick-started the commercial space sector, however, it also gave SpaceX credibility, giving them the resources to produce the Falcon 9. The influence which Falcon 1 had over the industry is rather unknown.

The size of Falcon 1 enables many details to be included without the costs of high part counts. This model includes many details, a great example is the exhaust on the Merlin engine. Coming in at 324 pieces, this set would be easily accessible to anyone interested in space. Furthermore, the set is a fun build and any space enthusiast would be interested in it.

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