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Mad Scientist's Greenhouse Lab


About This Project

This is the third set idea including the mad scientist that I have created. This is his greenhouse where he conducts his plant based experiments. Including Plant Guy who is half plant half man. He has planted two of the Plant Guys but, by accident he planted one upside down. Also beside the Plant Guy garden is the eyeball plants garden consisting of various eyeball plants. There is also a small desk for his lunch, some chemicals and a small plant in a glass case. Beside the table is a mushroom that he is getting ready to experiment on. The greenhouse roof is slanted but, can be moved to the vertical position for easier access inside the greenhouse. This is just a piece of a larger greenhouse structure.

Play Features:

  • Greenhouse roof can be moved from the slanted position to vertical for easy access inside.
  • Two Plant Guys can be harvested.
  • Lots of mad scientist themed fun.


  • Three minifigures. One Mad scientist and two Plant Guys.
  • Various minifigure accessories like a drumstick, a coffee mug, some chemicals in bottles, and a jar.

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