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Citigroup Building (601 Lexington Ave.)

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Hello! This is the Citigroup Building located on 601 Lexington Ave., New York City. Most of you are probably thinking "What is this? I never heard of Citigroup!" Neither did I until recently. It started when I was COMPLETELY out of ideas. Suddenly, I wanted to build some thing from New York. Let me tell you, NYC is HUGE. So many buildings, so many structures, it was like looking for a stud in a Lego bin. Then, looking in a Wikipedia page on New York architecture there was an image of this building. It grabbed me, so I decided to build it. After a (large) rough design, I decided to do a 3x3 tower. Immediately, I had this design, Which I'm quite proud of.

Of course, this model isn't 59 stories high like the real one, but it has the 45 degree slope and the unusual stilt design unique to the building down to 7 bricks tall. Of course,  it would never topple over ( This could-be landmark might find its way to a set!

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