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LEGO Insect Collection

If you love insects, or at least like them, check this out! The collection of insects comes with a Butterfly, a Rhinoceros Beetle, a Pacific Spiketail Dragonfly, and a Wasp. Each of the insects has their habitat made.
The Pacific Spiketail lives by the Pacific, so I made its habitat be a creek running through the forest and into the Pacific. The Spiketail has a total of 25 pieces.
The Butterfly is in a meadow, filled with flowers. The Butterfly is a total of 81 pieces.
The Wasp is by a felled and rotting log. The Wasp has 35 pieces.
The Rhinoceros Beetle is under a tree, and by a rather large rock. The Beetle is a total of 35 pieces.
If you haven't done the math already, that is a total of 176 pieces. :D

Now, you may wonder, what is CUUSOO? CUUSOO is a place where you can post your LEGO models and get supporters. If you like this please press the green button which says "Support" If you don't already have a LEGO CUUSOO account it only takes 2-3 minutes to make one, the process is hassle free, simple, and easy. When you make an account, you do not receive any spam emails from LEGO, it is as I said easy. When you support, you do not have to buy the product!

Ideally if this ever did get made into a LEGO set, it would have a small section about where these insects live.

The habitats are not built to the scale of the insects, but I think that they capture the habitat of the insects without using to many pieces.

The Butterflies, Wasps, and Rhinoceros Beetle's habitats can connect together to make a picturesque forest scene. With the Spiketail's habitat you can place it between the Beetle's and Wasps habitat to create a creek.
Here is a closer look at the insects...

The bumblebee requested by MachineWolf7...

The ladybug requested by DoodleBrick...

And the worm requested by Soccer12...

This is the Butterfly. It flies gracefully throughout meadows and forests. This Butterflies wings can flap downwards and upwards a little, it connects with the Wasps habitat.

This is the Rhinoceros Beetle, one of the largest of insects, it has a horn which resembles a rhinoceros horn. Although its large size can be quite intimidating, Rhinoceros Beetle's are gentle.

This is the Pacific Spiketail Dragonfly. Its habitat is by the Pacific, and is a rather large yellow and black Dragonfly with brilliant blue eyes. It has four wings and a long black and yellow tail.

This is the Wasp. It lives in rotting logs or trees, making nests.

Due to CUUSOO's guidelines on how you cannot have a series of sets this would be all in one set amounting to around 250-300 pieces in all.
I am open to requests on what kind of insects you would like me to make. Because I am sure that there are some of you out there that want more then just the current collection at hand. If you like this project please check out some of my other projects. The Sound of Music! Open Air Cafe! The Swamp Temple! Evil Scientist Laboratory and Corporate Building! Batman Battle on the Docks/Chemical Spill!

And two of my favorite projects by Attack12 and Colin23! The Little Prince! Little Bots!
Lets make this insect collection happen!

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