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The Sun Jumper


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I noticed that after the initial posting that our views and supports have gone down. This can mean only one thing... WE MUST SHARE! 

Please, please post on Facebook, Instagram, and blogs and forums online! I'm still unsure of the piece count, and am working on an update that should include some tweaks to the build and a digitalized version of the Sun Jumper

I kind of want to add more of a back story to this ship and it's wonderful characters, and it would be cool if y'all could comment about any good names or short little bios for the characters... I was thinking the guy in the blue shirt and vest would be our hotshot pilot who owns the Sun Jumper, with the guy with the eyepatch being his longtime friend and copilot, and the others could be old friends from flight school or something...

One more thing... I really appreciate the supportive comments, but if you have questions, requests, or suggestions for the ship, please, please comment them! I scan this nearly everyday, and I know I will reply to any comments. I'm open to constructive criticism, and will work to please the supporters of this project!

Thanks for supporting and sharing! 

- Ordo

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