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dolphin show

Hello I'm temky444 and this is my first project on Lego cuusoo. I love this website and the idea is great. this is a dolphin show made by yours truly. I got this idea from a park in Miami Florida. it is called Miami seaquarium. I love Legos I always did and I always will and I finally found the opportunity of a lifetime to make a creation that can be a Lego set. As you can see that this project is not one of those projects that are spectacular and amazing. I want you to know that this is just like a draft I can add fix or change my project later. and if I get 10,000 votes Lego can always change it a little and be perfect. if you guys have ideas please comment.

This is what I think can be the start of a Lego theme park or park project system. It can have cool stuff like Disney and SeaWorld.

I pretty much just have the idea.

This is the back view of the whole project. as you can see there are 3 rows and 2 benches in each row. On the sides there are a entrance and an exit.

This project has 2 types of dolphins. A dolphin partially in the water and a dolphin fully out of the water. The one partially in the water(left) has the head, fins, body, and the tail. The other dolphin( right) has all dolphin parts and has an extra piece on its mouth to look like it is holding its trainer.

In the far left corner.

Iou cant just go to a dolphin show and not get any pictures with the dolphin. That is just crazy. So I have a dolphin for the picture.

If you look at the back of the picture you see a weird, funky looking sign that spells something out of Legos. That pretty cool, but what does it say? well hopefully you can see that the sign is like an advertisement for pictures that says in Legos picture. If you see that is what it says please comment to tell me.

Here is a corner view.

A worker is getting fish for food. Lego dolphins eat too ya know.

And finally the thing that was on you mind what is this red box in the corner well!! Of course every show needs a ticket and cashier stand to enter. No one can go for free we all have tickets. Not everything is free and it can get pretty expensive sometimes. Okay it cost money. To buy this project and to go in. And that means all of your Lego people!!!

Thank you for voting or viewing my project!!

Fin! Get it?!!

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