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National Space Centre

The National Space Centre

Located near the heart of the City of Leicester, this impressive building opened in 2001 and is the only public location to house upright space rockets indoors. It also houses many genuine crafts and items from the history of space exploration and has been host to a number of significant speakers as well as space, sci-fi and private events.

I developed this 351 brick model as I felt it would also make a popular miniature set with the site's 20th anniversary due in 2021. It requires printed tiles for signage and footprints at the entrance and a few for the rooftop spiral pattern and one 'Earth' tile.

In order to recreate this site in miniature I have had to greatly simplify the bubbled rocket enclosure, and also remove the suspended rockets within it  due to guideline restrictions.

I have included the Challenger Learning Centre outside, though this building is planned to be replaced in the future so may require updating.
Outside also has the 'Pioneer' statue of an astronaut Ed White (by Aden Hynes) and the footstep approach; the rooftop includes the dome of the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium and the surprising spiral pattern that adorns the roof.

Within the main bubble dome I have included both 'satellite expendable launch system' rockets, the Thor-Able and Black Prince. Although both used propulsion sections of missiles, these rockets were developed for the sole purpose of launching satellite payloads into orbit. For the purpose of LEGO guidelines I will state that neither of these are or ever have been weapons.

In addition, I have included a mini-figure sized version of the 'Pioneer' statue; and the roof of the main building can be removed to reveal a 31 brick pendant-style display piece depicting the 8 planets in an approximation of their relative sizes.

All printed elements within this submission have been drawn by myself to resemble the actual logos, patterns, Earth etc.

I hope you can support this idea and please consider my other submissions too.

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