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Movie Scene (Park)


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Lights! Camera! Nature!

This movie filming and nature inspired LEGO set is an ideal one for people who like LEGOs, movie/filming, and nature. This set just mixes all 3 of these into an amazing LEGO set! The set comes with 7 Minifigures (counting the baby) and 5 animals. This set is a really good one because of it's unique category and its nice size (it is not too huge or too small!). This one sure is a good one!

  • 7 Minifigures: A hiker actor, father actor, mother actor, young Daughter actor, baby, the director, the intern, and The co-director
  • 5 Animals: frog, dog, bird, bunny, and squirrel
  • Really unique category
  • Ideal size, not huge or small!
  • and more!