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minecraft blocks and mobs mystery bag

**New models coming at 150 and 175 supports!**

##please tell me what mobs you want to add to the set!##

The minecraft mobs and blocks mystery bag will be similar to the lego minifigures series, only it contains brick-built figures, blocks and weopons/tools. each bag will have random contents.

Models included in each bag are:
3 small figures (bat, cave spider, silverfish, chicken ECT)
2 medium figures (zombie, spider, sheep, skeleton ECT)
1 large figure (enderman, iron golem, squid, slime ECT)

(each figure includes 1 accessory, except passive mobs include a baby varient of the animal. also, mobs that include weopons also include an extra arm piece to use instead of the one with the weopon)

A wither boss could be a figure you could get too!

please support if you want this to be real! It is really appreciated.

0 supports-27/02/2013
10 supports-27/02/2013
25 supports-28/02/2013
50 supports-1/03/2013 (new mobs added)
75 supports-10/03/2013
100 supports-17/03/2013(new mobs added)
150 supports-8/04/2013
200 supports
300 supports

Just a close up of some of the figures.