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Robotic Frames: Expansions (B&W & Beast)


This project shows off my first two expansions for my Robotic Frames idea. The first is the Black and White expansion. These two pals are named Yin and Yan altho whoever buys them can name them whatever they want. Their armours are mostly the same with a few differences to mark them apart.  The peices for this set are few but could include a peice from a new mold to make it harder to make with your own peices.

The second expansion is the Beast expansion. The set would include all the peices for the grey animal frame as well as a few peices to give it armour (I am unsure what this would be like at the moment so I have used the B&W theme). The other Beast sets could include bird like frames or snakes or even dinosaurs.

(Their names ARE Yin and Yan, Not Yin and Yang)

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