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The Three Headed Dragon King



I called this dragon the Three Headed Dragon King because this is the biggest dragon I have made and I gave him three heads so he's more scary and vicious, he has a long tail that can be used as a weapon, I was going to make him have three tails but he looked better with one. This Dragon has a dark pink tongue and golden claws because he's the king. He is armed with sharp spikes and sharp claws and teeth.

One head breaths purple fire and if you look closer you will see that the middle head has a golden tooth, a short story also goes with that tooth as well.

Once upon a time there was a green, tiny, runt three headed dragon that was rejected by other dragons because he was so little, one day the dragon tried to fly but his wings were to weak and little so he fell with the middle head face first on the ground and lost a tooth, the other dragons laughed at him. The poor dragon went to a dragon dentist who was a kind dragon and felt sorry for the dragon, he told the runt dragon to stay put as he went back into his cave and brought out a tiny golden tooth, and it wasn't any tooth, it was a magic tooth. The dragon dentist told him that it was golden rock that he found in a volcano so he made it into a tooth in case if he needed it.

When he put the tooth in his mouth The Three headed runt dragon had turned into a massive, vicious, scary red eyed dragon.  All the other dragons admired on how big he was and how he flew like the wind and his purple fire and everything! So he became the king of dragons and he was proud to be loved and respected. The End.



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