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Bridal Sweet


Update 1 : On The Up

Thanks to everyone for such great encouragement on my first submission.
I was excited to upload Bridal Sweet and was delighted when it was accepted on Ideas.

I've now been refining and tweaking the design for a week :

Improving brick work and smartening up the external appearance.
Refining the removable floors and joints.
Added splashes of colour to the interior space.

I decided my main update would be to add more "play" factor.

So now, the ground floor features a sliding jewellery cabinet where Mrs Quaint keeps all her best jewellery in the hidden workroom behind (that, or it's where she keeps the biscuits)


The middle floor features an easier to access changing room and brighter catwalk - with black and gold touches and a beautiful mosaic wall art.

A new piece of "art" has been added - some orange ladder pieces to link to...

  • The new attic space features boxes of stock and memories, an old rug, the christmas tree and a few old bottles of wine!
    Around the front of the upper floor, a flat roof features Mrs Quaint's cat playing a game of catch with it's little friend.


All in all, the updates came about because I wanted the brickwork to be just right.
I like the way the wall bricks are neat and strong and I especially enjoyed making the floor connections as clever and easy to use as possible.

Until the next update...