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Monrepos Palace


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What is it?

This model was inspired by castles from the glamorous baroque period.The model, Monrepos Castle, which is more of a small castle, was built between 1760 and 1804 in the south of Germany. It served the dukes of Württemberg as a place for excursions and festivities. 

Why did I build it?

I really like the design and style of the original. I thought what a special challenge it would be to build this castle with Lego. I liked to imagine how life at the ducal court might have been, which people might have lived there, how they might have looked like and how the rooms were designed.

What were the biggest challenges?

A big difficulty was the construction of the semicircular front on the garden side. Again and again I had to calculate in which angle the single elements should be placed to get a correct semicircle.

But perhaps the biggest challenge was to implement the entire harmony of the original building. For this purpose I calculated the ratios of different measures like length and width or height and width. In the end many numbers came together and I had to adjust my construction several times, because changes in one place brought changes in another place. But in the end I am very happy with my model. I enjoyed building furnishings like the cupboards or the chandeliers. Here I used parts that I turned upside down and built in this way.

Why is this a great Lego set?

The model brings the life at a baroque court back to life. As the king, who is just waking up and already being looked after by his servants, there are the ladies listening to a piano player and chatting. Upstairs, the old general studies the maps with discoveries of the new world. He is already forging great plans. In the dining room, the food is being served and the new cook is unsure whether the gentlemen like his creation. I hope you like it!