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Springfield Petshop


Springfield Pet Shop is one of the buildings featured in this popular cartoon. Patty and Selma's pet Iguana featured in the show.

The Pet Store Man claims to have a rare psychic ability to perform a canine/human mind meld which he uses to "connect" with dogs and tell what they're thinking and what they want and need. The ability is so rare, he says, that the only people other than himself who possess it are the other three clerks at his store. However, he uses his ability as an opening to blatantly peddle the store's merchandise.

When Marge visited the store with Santa's Little Helper, the Pet Store Man immediately went into action with his mind meld. He put his hands on the dog's face and announced that Santa's Little Helper was bored and restless and needed change in his life, like an imported leather leash, blue contact lenses, and a 200-volt shock training collar. Marge ended up driving away with a carload of canine accessories.

The Pet Store Man's talent has not advanced him beyond the position of pet shop clerk because the technique only works with gullible customers. Interestingly, however, it worked like a charm on Marge.

I have built it to scale based on 'Tapped Out' pictures to make it as realistic but comic as possible. Stickers can be added for the signs on the front. Hope you like the design.

Thanks for the support.

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