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Forbidden Garden


Everyone has heard the myth of medusa and her curse but has anyone ever ask if it is true? The medusa has indeed been cursed but by spiteful spirit who also changed her husband into a stone statue and imprisoned them in a magical garden. Will the brave heroine, Lilly, be able to outwit the spirit, find the magical key and release the medusa? Or will the spirit and her rat friend thwart the Lilly's plans?

Inspired by the trend in children's and young adults literature reinventing the classical faerie tales and myths, Forbidden Garden revisits the tale of medusa, offering numerous open ended adventures to the creator. The set is 24 x 24 when fully closed but has 5 sections to allow different looks and moods to be created with the set during play.

Features the following:

  1. 1 Heroine figure, Lilly, with rapier and key
  2. 1 Spirit figure with potion, sword and harness, and rat companion.
  3. 1 Medusa with cape and bag
  4. Stone with enchanted dagger
  5. Bronze statue with shield and enchanted staff in a pool
  6. A fire, firewood, storage pots, plants
  7. 1 frog


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