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Gadget stand

Hello, I’m the mother of Alexander Shabalov. He is 24 years old. I want to help my son to introduce you his idea. My son himself cannot write to you as he is disabled since childhood, visually impaired and has a blood cancer. Now Alexander is in a cancer hospital under high-dose chemotherapy.

How it all started:
Once our family broke the stand for the tablet and our younger daughter was very fond of watching cartoons. Alexander made a new stand for her using his LEGO Technic set. The stand appeared very convenient to use. Our family has been using it for over the year already. Recently in the hospital Alexander decided to improve his idea and assembled a stand with a tilt adjustment. Now the stand has become even more convenient. When doctors came to the ward they asked where did you get such a cool stand from? They got very surprised that Alexander assembled it himself by touch as he almost couldn’t see.

How it works:
The stand is designed for smartphones, tablets and e-books.
The stops on the sides of the stand protect the device from falling when tilting and when moving the stand from place to place.
The tilt adjustment mechanism is nice and easy to use. To change the angle of inclination you need to turn the gear to achieve the level required.
Why do we think this will make a great LEGO set? Because:
1) This is useful at our time. Vast majority has smartphones, tablets and e-books.
2) It is interesting to assemble the stand with your own hands and use it every day. You can call this idea a “Build it yourself." kit.
3) It will not just gather dust on a shelf after it is assembled. This set is needed in the house and it will be used every day.
4) It is very hygienic, hypoallergenic and is easy to clean. It's great!
5) It can be made of any color.
6) It is very convenient, transportable, stable, functional, strong, safe, durable and has a long service life. You will get used to its convenience and won’t imagine your life without it anymore.
You will fall in love with it just like our family fell in love with LEGO Technic!

The stand is assembled using the LEGO Technic set.

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