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Working Telescope



     After playing around with the prototype of the telescope, I realized that I got my measurements completely off. I just recently fixed the problem, and the result is a very small lego telescope. I now need the opinion of all of you in LEGO Ideas to decide if I should just continue this idea, or scratch it and start all over again with to create an even better LEGO telescope (Leave in comments as soon as possible please). Photos are below.


More Photos

Here are two photos of a minifigure on a plate. The first one is taken without any optical aid. The second is the same minifigure through the telescope. Any closer? (Please excuse the lego bricks that are on the bottom of the photos, for they are part of the telescope and the eyepiece was off center at the time of the second photo.)


Real Photographs

Just some real photographs of the prototype that I built before I made the finished model in LDD. The main mirror was I think bought from a Wal-Mart. The secondary mirror is an old mirror that my parents gave to me. The eyepieces were (I think) from Amazon. (The places where I got my optical components were listed so I don't get in trouble with anyone).


Working Telescope (Photos)

Just added some photos. (Also in LEGO Digital Designer for an accurate final project).


Working Telescope (Updated Discription)

Notice: Mirrors are not included in main photo because I had to use LEGO Digital Designer for it to present a color accurate project. (Real photos may come in the future.)

Ever wanted to own or build a working telescope? Have you tried looking for a small telescope and find nothing but dead ends? Well now is your chance to BUILD your OWN telescope to probe the stars with. Reignite your imagination with the moon and brightest stars. To top it all off, it is built out of the coolest toy on earth: LEGOS!


  • This set is able to hold a 9 cm. Primary mirror.
  • The optical tube setup is held by sturdy mount that won't bend under the weight.
  • Mount is an alt. az. mount design (moves up and down, and side to side).
  • Open design is light and fairly strong. (Still be careful though!)
  • Nobs on the sides allow for hands of many ages to use.


  • Do not look at the sun EVER!
  • If anything breaks on the scope as a result of dropping it, vacuum the area to prevent injury (cuts, scrapes, etc.).

This info is mostly for the LEGO company, but anyone can look at these pieces of information.

  • Primary Mirror: Diameter is 9 cm. Thickness is 1 cm. Focal length is around 7 in. (Focal length might not be necessary if the mirror is 9 cm. in diameter and is 1 cm. thick.) Concave mirror.
  • Secondary Mirror: 4.5 cm. wide and 6.5 cm. long. It is 1/10 cm. thick. Flat mirror.
  • Eyepiece: This telescope is designed for an eyepiece that is 0.925 in. (diameter). This set does not have a focuser, so the eyepiece will need to have another lens or eyepiece adhered to it to make a clear image in the telescope.

I will be happy to answer any questions the LEGO company has via email.


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