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Squeezable Snack Pouch!


This project was submitted as a joke and I am going to delete it soon (if I can).

This project was submitted as a joke and I am going to delete it soon (if I can). Anyone who didn't think so should know now.


Boss Squeezy

Hello, this is the new mascot of my squeezable snack pouch design. His name is Boss Squeezy. Please welcome him.


New Design!!!

I made a new design to address some issues that the original model had. This one is a mix of bricks and technic beams and has a squeezing function! The squeezing function uses a Mistika launcher, but one wasn't available in Mecabricks so a placeholder has been used. I also made a mockup of stickers that could be placed on the model to emulate packaging. View them below.


New Design Open/Closed:

Missing Part (minus the projectile, link: :

The edible portion of the product is viewable when the outer shell is removed:

Sticker Mockup:

Thanks for all the feedback so far, I aim to make this project the best as possible!


Possible Color Concepts

I decided to make some new cap colors based on the real life caps. One of these could be in the actual set!


New Spout Design!

The spout now uses a 2x2 cone brick instead of a 2x2 circular brick. I think this works better because it makes the cap easier to remove and the end result of that action now looks more like an actual spout.

Below is a picture of the squeezable pouch with the new spout:

Below is a picture of the top of the new spout on the squeezable pouch after the cap has been removed: