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Squeezable Snack Pouch!


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Squeezable snack pouches are really interesting and a unique project idea! The technology allows fruit and vegetables to be packaged in a way that allows easier eating and no refrigeration [1]. The packaging idea has really taken off recently, and the design is used with yogurt, baby food and children's snacks. It is quite the phenomenon.

It's hard to pinpoint where exactly the idea first came from, mentions of such a technology date back to 2005. In the last five years a wide variety of companies have used this design in the English speaking market [2].

This model is roughly 1:1 scale, and includes a hinge mechanism to create a bend in the product for extra accuracy to the real deal. Additional play features include being able to stand and a cap.

I had some applesauce out of a snack pouch one time and that inspired me to create this project. I think this set will be very popular because the design is cool and accurate to the real thing. Children like snack pouches [3], and children like Lego; win-win.

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This idea is not endorsed by any of the squeezable snack pouch producers.

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