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Flying Saucer From Beyond


Flying Saucer From Beyond

A mysterious Flying Saucer from a distant unknown world has landed.  A hatch opens and a strange pod drops to the surface below.  Then a ladder underneath the craft lowers down and three Alien creatures quietly descend.  They curiously survey the environment, looking, searching, probing.  Who are they?  Where do they come from?  And what do they want with planet Earth?


This retro Flying Saucer project is inspired by 1950's sci-fi space stories and actual reports of past UFO sightings.  


Spacecraft easily holds 3 Alien humanoid minifigures and an A.I. drop-pod to remotely analyze planetary life forms.  

Floor of the spacecraft has an internal sliding hatch.  When opened it easily allows Alien minifigures to exit below.  

When closed the hatch snaps back into place, sealing floor again for next flight into the atmosphere or outer space.  

Ladder is attached and swings down for descent.  When ready for lift off, ladder folds up and tucks away underneath.

Two Ray Guns are stored above exit hatch and star map display.  The anti-gravity warp drive reactor is visable below.  

Main control console at front folds down to reveal secret storage for 3rd Ray Gun, instrument panel & search monitor.

Dome opens for easy access.  Landing gear can be removed for space flight if desired, then re-attached for landing.  

Project has 347 pieces.  Silver & transparent blue highlights.  Dome in printed and transparent gray.  Printed elements.


For sci-fi and space fans of all ages.  Fun to build, fun to play-with, and fun to display.  Imagine the scenarios.  

Thanks for checking out this project.  If you like it, please support, comment, and share with friends.  Thanks again.

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