Product Idea

Shipping Container Spaceport

The Shipping Container Spaceport is a portable, modular spaceport which operates a small rocket. The rocket fits inside a retrofitted cargo container, and can be quickly deployed for launch. Once the rocket is out of its container, the container can be turned into a mission control unit by swapping out the rocket stand with modular control consoles. There is also a dedicated mission control container. The cargo containers are transported on a truck, which allows for mobility when choosing launch sites.
The Shipping Container Spaceport has 904 bricks, which make up the following:
  • 2 shipping containers.
  • A small LEGO rocket.
  • A truck with two trailers.
  • A launch tower.
  • A rocket stand.
  • A launch hazard sign.
  • 4 modular mission control consoles.
Also included are 6 minifigures:
  • 2 Truck Drivers.
  • 3 Mission Controllers.
  • 1 Launch Engineer.

I built this spaceport because I heard that an aerospace company planned to actually have their mission control centre inside shipping containers, along with fuel containers and other hardware. Then I heard that another aerospace company had a rocket that could fit inside a shipping container. I thought that this would be a good idea for a LEGO set, as it could be built to minifigure scale, has opportunities for detail and playability, and is modular. I think I have completed these objectives, and therefore believe that the Shipping Container Spaceport would make a great LEGO set.