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Faeries and the Menhir


The wind blows across the meadows and through the ancient, weathered menhir calling forth the faeries to frolic but the leprechaun watches always fearing someone is wanting his gold.

The design of the set features 4 standing menhir, one top cross stone,  2 fallen menhir, and one of the standing menhir being pushed over by a tree. The 4 faeries can be seen flying over and around the set while our greedy leprechaun and his pot o' gold hides and watches.

The set is intended to be a back drop for story telling and is meant to be populated with additional features and characters from the creators own mind or ongoing story. Maybe a young girl has become lost and the faeries help in her time of need or maybe the naughty village boy has come to prove to everyone faeries and magic are not real only to find himself the target of faerie magic. Maybe everyone really is after the leprechaun's gold.

The only limit is the creators imagination.

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