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Ga'rlath's Skeletal Assault


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Long have the peoples of Wataria been at peace but the Northern Wastes are teeming with those discontent with the cooperative communities spread across the wilds. Chief among the discontents is Ga'rlath. Exiled to the Stone Hills for attempting to wrest control of his tribe and force everyone not of his clan to serve him, Ga'rlath was thought lost to the Wastes like so many others. He instead found a crater containing Life Stone, a magic crystal found only in meteors which can animate organic materials. With it he raised the Skeletal Hoards to bring all of the tribes under his control.

Ga'rlath's Skeletal Assault is a fantasy set featuring the villainous boss on his animated three-headed, flying. skeletal mount. With two animated skeleton arms men chained to the front and two animated skeleton arches captured in the belly of his beast only the bravest, strongest, and most intelligent warriors will dare to challenge him as he leads his hoard on a rampage of destruction and vengeance.

Whether the creator is looking for a set to act as the grand final battle, a recurring threat to the castle, or a unique set to place on the shelf, Ga'rlath's Skeletal Assault can be any of these and more.

I hope everyone enjoys this set as much as I enjoyed imagining and creating it.

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