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The Classic 1947 Harley Davidson Knucklehead


I wanted to create the look of a 1947 Harley Davidson 'knucklehead' and achieve a fully functioning lego technic with camshaft based on it's V-twin engine. It's not quite the same as JT's from Sons Of Anarchy on display in the clubhouse, but I like it.

I could have added more lego to make it have the more distinct rocker boxes of the knucklehead but I didn't want to hide the view of the moving valves. The technic chain drive on the back wheel turns a series of cogs, camshaft and moves the valves up and down in the beautiful Lego Engine Cylinder parts (2850) angled at 45 degrees with it's cooling fins. See gif here:

I liked finding a combination of the right pieces to get the shape of the fuel tank looking right. For me it's a distinct feature of the early harley flatheads, panheads and how it sits on the engine.

I might tweak this knucklehead to make it look similar to it's successor the Harley Davidson Panhead like Opie's restoration from SOA, or the predecsssor the Flathead. I want to explore making the Indian Chief, or even Burt Munroe's land speed record one.

I will aim to update, find pieces to add brakes, tweak the seat more, but I really enjoyed getting it to this point.. Help me reach my target by giving this a vote, and thank you for supporting me in my LEGO endeavours! Share on social media to your friends!

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