Product Idea

Galaga Fighter

LDD File


Well, my times about up, and I know at least one of you wanted instructions. I don't have step by step instructions, but here's the LDD file. thanks to everyone who supported! This was my first ideas project and It's been really fun. There are a number of places on the inside where groups of parts could be replaced by one or two pieces, so you might want to look inside before you start ordering parts. Sorry about the long wait for an answer, and thanks again!

Brick Fisto

New Docking Capability, Stand, and More Pics


After multiple suggestions from supporters for improvement (which I greatly appreciate) I decided to add the ability to dock two ships together two form a double ship. I also think that the iconic galago star fighter would be great as a display model, so I made a display stand with a plaque that could hold one ship and be used to hold a double ship with a little tweaking. I hope you enjoy the new pictures :)

The new Stand:

The double ship:

Just wanted to see what a captured ship would look like:LEGO vs arcade game: