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Mego Micronauts Hornetroid


On March 5th 1978 on my fourth birthday (my first memory) my aunt walked in my house with a present, which was a Micronauts hydro helicopter. It was battery powered and floated, so it could be played with in the bathtub. Later my late grandfather would often buy me Micronauts at the flea market back around 1980. The type of childhood memories that captures that nostalgia many of us seek today. 

Mego Micronauts was an over the top science fiction toy line created by the long lost Mego corporation and produced from 1976 to 1980. It was based off a Takara toy line from Japan called Microman. It was made into a comic series in 1979. Mego filed bankruptcy in 1983 and ceased to exist, all be its toys are some of the most sought after in todays vitnage toy market, people always trying to re-capture their chidhoods.

The Micronauts are a bright multicolored line of toys, that has endless combination possibilities much like Lego. Their over the top translucent colors was ahead of its time similar to and pre-dating Tron. Still to this day some of the most amazing card and box graphics you will ever see, vibrant colors etc.. The vehicles and play-sets were all designed so as one can change pieces with other sets or figures, again very much like Lego.

Here we have one of the most famous vehicles from the line and my personal favorite from this line, in the Hornetroid at 910 pieces. All four wings are hinged, as well as the front and rear turrets. It has laser antennas and ofcourse that pincher claw under the main cockpit, which can grab hold of mini figure etc.. I built this as mainly a display piece so no inner cockpit or mini figures, but it does still have many playable features. If you look at image number four it to me looks as if its about to start flapping its wings and take flight.

Thanks as always for the view, if you guys like this build I will have more Micronauts to come.



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