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Exo-MicroForce Pilot Set "Sentry vs Uplink"


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What is this project?

Back in 2006 came out theme called Exo-Force that told us the story of a struggle between humans and revolted robot workers led by ominous Meca One. The main feature of the theme were Mechas, mostly bipedal walking machines, armed to the teeth and piloted by both humans and robots. After a few years though Exo-Force has been cancelled. So what am i doing here, you may ask? I propose models from the original theme, re-formatted in a brand-new, almost unexplored scale.

Microfig, that was introduced in Lego Tabletop Games, opens a new possibilities of microbuilt models that have more value to a collector rather than a playful kid. My aim is to re-introduce Exo-Force in a compact, convenient format that won't confine your shelf or your wallet.

A handful of lore

Both Uplink and Sentry were made long before the Robot uprising. After Meca One captured his half of the Sentai Mountain, he re-purposed those simple walkers to be the bulk of his army, piloted by brainless Drones. As of humans, Uplinks were vastly used as scouting vehicles with a powerful sensor array - that's how they got their name, - which came handy even after Meca One cut all the communications around the Mountain. For humans, Uplink became a symbol of hope since they were pioneers of reunion of the society, and Sentry became a good target practice due to their straight line of action during combat. However the one should not lower their guards after defeating Sentry patrol - there's a huge chance that Robots already alarmed their forces there's a vast reinforcements on the way.

Pilot Set?

You heard that right, "Sentry vs Uplink" is a pilot set, smallest, and the first in a line of filled with nostalgia Exo-Microforce sets. As both of those Mechs are supposed to be a mere scouts, they are here to check the ground for their main forces. Whether they will disembark or not, depends on a success of that project (see the promo picture). So if you really want to keep those little guys coming, you'd better rally forces! The war is coming on Sentai Mountain and only you can decide it's outcome.



  • Wait, do you actually propose a new line in a single project? No. This project introduces Exo-Microforce in a form of single "impulse"-type set that contains of two smallest Mechs. I plan to post more projects as number of supporters will grow. However, if people would not like it, it will probably die out in one year.
  • So, uh, what do I need to do to see more of Exo-Microforce sets? Firstly, support this project. Also, you can spread the word - share on Facebook or via Twitter, gather attention. And when a certain amount of supporters will be achieved, I will reveal next, bigger set. And so on, and so forth. I hope to give my supporters a motive to find more!
  • But what if this project is against guidelines? What about "no "bring back X"" and stuff? I had a small conversation with one of Lego Ideas support team members, and he said that It seems that micro scale Exo-Force is enough of my own creative work to not be confused as a “bring back.” So I decided to try my luck.
  • How do I play these models? They have no shooty things and blinking lights! Well, honestly it's not supposed to be as playable as original Exo-Force. But you still can come up with something! How about a tabletop miniature wargame? The scale is almost perfect for that and to come up with a simple rules is not that difficult! Dare to imagine!
  • Microfigs? Why? Because they are really underrated and underexplored! All we have now is tabletop games, but imagine how much more they can bring into Lego industry! Smaller scale => simplier build. Simplier build => less parts involved. Less parts involved => Cheaper set. Cheaper set => More models in one box. And so on, and so forth!
  • Wait, are you CrashSanders? The one who made Lego FTL? Yes, I am. The new system allowed me to change my nickname, so I changed it to The Mugbearer, because more people actually know me under that name.
  • Hey Crash, where's my Kestrel instructions? Haha, patience please! It's a hard process that's all on GlenBricker's shoulders right now, and he's a busy man.


Thank you for coming by! Please, support this project, follow me, look at my other projects, spread the word, and play well!

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