Product Idea |



Orange engine: This engine is a single turbo straight 4. It is the smallest engine of them all but not the least powerful. The design is based off of the Caterham 7's engine styling but smaller so it could fit in the Mini. It is the first engine I created myself.

Blue engine: Is a naturally aspirated straight 5, commonly used in Volvos, although the engine is not based off one. It is not super or turbocharged but it is awfully smooth, due to the fact that it has 5 pistons and cylinders. I think it is the least powerful engine.

Black engine: Twin turbo V10 engine with clutch, brake, and accelerator pedals. It has a 7 speed gearbox with a manual gearshift, which sadly does not work. The two black clips leaning against the block are the turbochargers. It is my favorite engine and the one I built last.


I really like these engines, so can you please support! The straight 4 turbo fits in the Mini Cooper and the V10 fits in the Ferrari F40.