Product Idea

Realistic Fire Engine


Im a volunteer Firefighter from Germany

I like to collect firefighting and rescue vehicles.

Unfortunately, there are barely any realistic-looking models from LEGO.

I was inspired by the LEGO creator 6752 and tryed to build a realistic looking LF16/12.

I absolutely love how the Minifigures sit in the Fireengine, badly four figures do not fit next to each other.
Thus, a person of the crew is missing in the back seat.


The loadout is based on a fireengine from my fire department.

stretcher, SCBA, hoses, tools, Hydraulic rescue tools, Nozzles, extinguisher, radio Terminals, flashlight, power generator, cable reels, rescue air cushion
and much more, this vehicle is full of interesting equipment for all operational situations.

I would be very happy if this model could move people to the volunteer fire departments and youth fire brigades.

Hope you like it.