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Backyard Pizza Oven Set


This is a set of a pizza oven. It comes with 7 minifigures, 5 pizzas, 2 cars, 1 pizza palette and 1 light up Lego brick. It also comes with 2 cans and 3 marshmallows on sticks. All the minifigures are just characters that look like regular civilians. I imagine if this gets after review, the civilians will become less sloppy looking and with all new torso and pants parts.

This would make a good Lego set because it has a lot of different and special pieces. This includes pizzas, my very own created pizza palette, plates and marshmallows on sticks. It also has chairs that swivel and the light-up Lego brick in the pizza oven itself to emulate the glow of the fire.

I made this Lego set because I actually have a pizza oven and know all about them. I also really wanted to make something with my light up Lego brick and 5 pizzas. Then I made the pizza palette out of a staff and shield. Then I got to work on the oven. Eventually I bought the midway gamer Lego dimensions set and took the cans from the set. I decided to make marshmallows on sticks and add in two cars.

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