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Small Bank


Small Bank is filled with Adventure. This small bank is a perfect addition to your city. Its small but is still packed with detail so your minifigures can keep their money safe. This set is complete with waiting areas, hanging lamp, worker counter, money storage, plants, and 2 minifigures. Small Bank is a perfect addition to your city and can fit perfectly just about anywhere. So come on and join in on the fun and creativity in Small Bank. 

The waiting areas are a great place for minifigures to wait if the line is too long. One waiting area even gets a hanging lamp.

The plants in the outside and inside provide a nice appeal and make customers more satisfied. The big windows in the front also add a nice look. 

On the top is a sculpture to fit in with the buildings look. 

And finally on inside is a shelf were the worker happily stores customers money so it can be safe and be in no harm. 

So what do you say, join the adventures of Small Bank today.

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