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58' Chevrolet Impala

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This is the 1958 Chevrolet Impala, An iconic 1950's car recreated as a 16 stud wide Lego Set. 

As many of you have been commenting on my other projects and requesting more 50's stuff, I thought it was time I tackled one of my all time favourites, the Impala. It features many design elements that are a great example of car design from that period, such as;

- Intricate chrome detailing all over the body

- Completely unnecessary fins at the back

- Huge complicated front grill and bumpers

- In your face colour scheme

- Huge V8 engine

All these elements combine to make a car that is a lot more fun than the cars of today and looks a lot better as a display model!

The set contains around 850 pieces and has been built in a strong and quite simple design ,while keeping the proportions as realistic as possible, without any ugly joins and almost no studs anywhere on the model!

It features opening hood and doors to reveal the detailed cream interior and huge engine bay complete with the authentic Orange Big Block Chevy V8! The model can be built with or without the roof so the choice is yours to have the roof on or off.

I went with the gold on black colour scheme as it will stand out a little better, although this can easily be changed as I think it might not be to the taste of TLG to release a gold set! So if you have any colour variations or ideas for updates leave a comment and I will post them in the updates section.

Thanks for looking!

Also If you are interested in seeing more 1950's projects you can find my 1950's diner at



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