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Galaxy Patrol Series

I was thinking that if you were to have some bases and Starships, some battle packs and so forth you could have incredible counter parts to the current Galaxy Patrol figures.

This is called the Galaxy T.T.R. (Troop.Transportation.Rover.) the reason the colors change like they do is to replicate camo this could be changed into one solid color once produced. It would run for-

pieces- 263

minifigs- 2x Patrollers, 1x Driver

Price- 27.99 USD

Patrol Craft

Pieces- 39

Minifigs- 1x Galaxy Patroller

Price- 4.99 USD

New villans include grunt and gunner, there species is Taralek

New patrol figs include mechanic and gunner/pilot (he would have the galaxy patrol armor but with a dark grey torso armor piece.

For 100 votes- I will do nothing at all
For 500 votes- I will rejoice in my head
For 1,000 votes- I will tell someone
For 1,500 votes- I will type up rejoice-full thoughts in an E-mail and send it to friends
For 10,000 votes- I will pay every man, woman, and child on the planet one hundred thousand dollars... check

(Cash After Sunday!)

I do not have any...

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