NF-15B Research Aircraft

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    +9000 supporters!


    First of all thank you so much for the appreciation and support, we have almost done it!

    Since it is a major result for me I have made a promotional video to reach all the remaining supporters out there. I have uploaded it on Youtube but unfortunately you can only watch it on your pc and not on your phone because of the copyright: on Facebook though, it is possible to watch it in poor quality.

    You can check it out at the following links:

    Again thanks to all of you!

    A lighter and less complex aircraft model


    Hello everyone, first of all thanks to all of you for the support and comments. As I have been saying many times I eventually completed all the modifications to reduce the complexity and the count of the pieces, leaving at the same time both the aesthetics and the functionality untouched, in some cases also improving them. In the end I have removed 850 bricks. Now it is 4150 pieces in total, including 150 of the support.

    All the pieces of the old version

    Pieces removed from the old version

    Here the main changes:

    • Rear landing gear hatch

    • Front landing gear

    • Intake

    • Air brake

    Some others mixed photos:


    Also the support underwent an update, in particular I have designed a new one using half of the pieces of the previous version.

    Thank you so much for all the support you gave me, I hope you will appreciate the update!






    Hi everyone, I have made some little enhancements:

    •  Changed all the tires so that they look more similar to the real plane


    •  Created a new structure for the front landing gear


    •  Made little modifications both to the fuselage around the cockpit and the air brake


    •  Switched to new seats too


     I have taken some more pictures with LEGO mini-figures to show the scale ratio


    Finally I have verified the real weight and it is 3.3 kg, less than the previously provided estimation.

    Thank to everyone to continue on sharing and supporting.