NF-15B Research Aircraft

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Technical Data:

  • Length: 86 cm / 34 inches

  • Wingspan: 54 cm / 21 inches

  • Height with stand: 32 cm / 12 inches

  • Nº of pieces: about 5000

  • Weight: ca 4 kg / 9 pounds


About one year ago I finished an F-15 Strike Eagle and tried to submit it to LEGO Ideas, but it was not approved because it did not match the guidelines and house rules given by LEGO.

So I have now completed a new build using as reference the NF-15B Research Aircraft, the model used by NASA for experimental purposes, and the result is even better than the previous one.

In fact I had to sort out a specific construction method for the wings to match the new color scheme and, at the same time, I have redesigned the body and the cockpit, making the creation even more similar to the real aircraft by featuring the air brake, the in-flight refueling port, the realistic flaps on both main and rear wings; the smaller wings also are movable as in the real plane.

Initially the landing gear was intended to be retractable and to feature the shock absorbers, but due to the massive weight of the model I was obliged to switch to the ones you can see in the pictures, which do not feature the shock absorbers but are retractable and can actually hold the weight of the model (anyway it comes with a stand).

The model is 100% made with LEGO bricks, though the nozzles are built in an unconventional way.

I really put a considerable effort in this creation: so let me know what do you think about it and do not forget to support it if you like. Please take a closer look at the pictures to enjoy all the details.