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Old House






So what I made today is a very beat up house. The interior is completely gone and is now filled with remainders of the roof. The house was origanally made with stone but as time passes on people started to repair the house with bricks. The door can't close completely due to the roof caving in, but it does move. This set contains a burnt out torch on the light grey wall. Over time the door broke, leaving only some glass and the bottom half. Minifigures can fit in the house and it is reasonably sized. The house (starting on the grass and going to the highest point of the house) is approximately 3 and a half inches tall and exactly five inches wide. 



This set would be good for a hideout for thiefs. This set might look good on a hillside or in a creepy town.

Thank you for reading this! I spent a while making that house and making this text!