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View Master (DSLR Camera Shaped)


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This is a model of View Master.
It was inspired by Galileo's Watch.
The work was designed after the shape of a DSLR camera and is similar in size to a real camera.

View Master has the following functions:

Plate Rotation - When the camera switch is pressed, the plate (8*8) rotates at an angle of 45 degree.
                            You can put eight picture stickers (2*2, round) on the board,
                            and different pictures are exposed each time they are rotated.

Built-In Flash - There is a built-in flash at the top just like the actual camera.

Lens Zoom Moving - If the lens is rotated clockwise or counterclockwise,
                                    the lens moves back and forth.

Rotary Screen - It is possible to rotate and tilt by applying a non-fixed display.