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Car Dealership


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Hello Lego fans!

Here's a car dealership.

ABOUT: this set is meant for playability, and/or for a modular use in a city. Has 7 cars that are included as one set with the building. They are playable, with detailed interiors and can fit mini figures comfortably.             QUANTITY: Has 7 cars, 1 main lobby w/ office building, with attached garage for car repairs and cleaning. Has a total of 1,411 bricks.                                                                                                                       PLAYABILITYmodular use for city sets, or collector item. Of course the cars are drive-able and then make repairs in the attached garage! You can also play with the small lobby and office with chairs, desks, and wall hanging art.                                                                                                                                               COSTMight be around 70$ US Currency.                                                                                                       CARS: Honda: One 2014 Odyssey, one 2017 Ridgeline, (gray van and truck). Chevrolet: one 1960 El Camino (red truck) for a classic addition to this set, and a 2004 Express (blue van). Chrysler: one 1996 Town & Country (white van in garage). BUILDING: 3 desks for car sale use with 3 chairs, lobby with coffee table, plant, and 5 seats, and tiny restroom and 2 wall pictures. GARAGE: Small building with ramp and 3 tools, and minivan inside. SIZE: Is on a 54x 52 stud count base, and may be about 12 square inches wide.


Thanks to my friend LoneCyote ( for rending this on Bluerender.


Thank you for your support, it is greatly appreciated!