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S.S. United States


PLEASE SUPPORT! This project needs all the support you can give! Much appreciated! -George


This is the S.S. United States! This ship is holds the record as the world's fastest ocean liner to this day! The ship is also the biggest ocean liner ever built in North America. This ship was commissioned in 1952 and was retired in 1969. Thanks to her record speed status, the United States was saved from the scrap yard. Believe it or not, the ship is still afloat today in a private port awaiting restoration. Own this piece of history today! 

This set is a small collectors set that is about 1 1/2 feet long that has many cool features. I believe that this ship would be below $100 and something that many lego builders and collectors would love. This ship would be popular among kids, teens and adults. If this set were to win, I'd give half of my 1% profits to the S.S. United States Conservatory who are currently trying to desperately keep this great ship afloat. Great gift idea! Please Vote!

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