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Hong Kong Tiny Flat


Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated city in the world. In respond to huge demand of housing, property developers are now selling tiny size flats. Although Hong Kong workers is the world champion of "longest working hours", their salary is far below the property price.


To echo with this extraordinary phenomena, this "Hong Kong Tiny Flat" is built. Let's support this project and it will be available not only in Hong Kong but also on your palm!



  • Less than 250 pieces were being used. A little kid is able to build it quickly.
  • Compact but fully functional, including an open kitchen (stove, oven, basin and fridge) in living room (bed, several cabinets, computer and air-conditioner) and a stylish washroom (semi-transparent door, toilet, shower head and washing machine).
  • Perfect combination of highly playability (by opening the walls) and realism (by closing the walls).
  • "Hidden treasures", smart phone (recharging on wall socket), suitcase (in cabinet), hotcakes (in oven), soft drinks (in fridge), broom (below bed), clothes (in washing machine) and ... (let's find them out!).