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The Old Watermill


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I am proud to present you my first Creation on LEGO-Ideas. I decided to design an old Watermill. My inspiration? To make a place of peace, of rest. I tought, a timbered house would be perfect for this. As first, I built the main ground of the model, then the first part oft he house, where I added the mill wheel, wich drives the mill stone. Else you can find a little grain storage, an oven and a stair, wich leads to the next floor. There are the bed for the miller (LEGO maybe can add him!), a desk and a little chest. The house is modular, so you are able to look in each room. The roof was the most difficult part, it wasn´t easy to make it perfect. Outside a stream flows past (Who is able to find the frog?)and there I placed plants and flowers everywhere. In front of the main building I placed a bench and a stacks of wood, on the back is a big chimney. I used 1409 parts.

Why could it be a great Lego-Set?
I like medieval-sets very much, LEGO should be produce more of them. In my opinion the blacksmith and the lion castle were fantastic, a timbered house would be perfect to suplement this.

Thank you for reading!

*The backgrounds of the main covers are completly my original work.*

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