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Stolen Convertible Chase


The mechanic is working on his customer's vehicle. He is just touching up when a crook out of nowhere jumps into the classic convertible and begins driving away! The mechanic calls the cops, and the chase is on. Capture the crook with the sleek police hatchback and put him back where he belongs!

Why this would make a good LEGO set:

  • ​Many kids enjoy playing with police and robber scene sets. That's why I put this together. This is another one of those kinds of sets.
  • Many of you may not think much of the red convertible, but the simple design is enough.
  • The police hatchback is very stylish. It has a customized look to it (as a matter of fact, it is pretty modded). Kids will love the looks.

How I would approach the set design:

  • I would perhaps add a top to the convertible; but for playability purposes, no top makes it easy to take the crook in and out.
  • A openable rear hatch would be extremely neat. With the extra storage space, you could fit some handcuffs and maybe a flashlight.

Thank you for checking out my Stolen Convertible Chase scene.

I hope you find it pleasing, and please support this project!

PS-I am very sorry that you are unable to view the front of the police car. My main picture would not upload for some unknown reason. Be assures that I will update this project and add more pictures soon. Thank you!

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