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Golden Eagle's Raid


Golden Eagle has an army of golden warriors to attack the city, but the Chase Island Hero's are there to stop him. Use Tech's robots to defeat Golden Lion. Fight along side the Golden Ninjas, defeat Golden Eagle's army, and put Golden Eagle back behind bars. 

This set includes

Golden Eagle, Golden Pharaoh, Golden King, Golden Robot, Golden Lion (giant robot), Blue Bomber, Blue Laser, Crusher, Golden Face, Space Ranger, Tech, Wind Girl, Electric Master (giant robot), Cutter (giant robot), 6 golden sentries, 6 golden indians, 6 golden mummies, and 6 golden soldiers. Also a street corner, a newsboy, newspaper, and street lights.

About the Set

This set is the classic set-up of good vs evil, even when good is outnumbered. Which side will win? Good or evil? The choice is in your hands. So, who will you decide?