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Hot Hatchback


This is a sporty version of my previous Hatchback Car set. With its powerful V4 engine, it is very fast, but also has the practicality of a normal hatchback.

It is 10 studs wide, 19 studs long and is made of 280 bricks. It includes:

  • Opening bonnet
  • Opening doors
  • Opening boot

Inside, there is:

  • A touchscreen
  • Dials
  • A steering wheel
  • Gear stick
  • Handbrake

The additional parts, not on the old one, are:

  • A redesigned front end
  • A V4 engine
  • A redesigned bonnet to fit the engine underneath
  • Sports seats (I had to move the gear stick and handbrake to make them fit!)
  • Higher up rear seat (I thought the old one was too low)
  • A small rear spoiler

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