Product Idea

Pagani Huayra

A LEGO Recreation of the Luxuriest Pagani Huayra Supercar produced in Italy by Horacio Pagani in grey colors, the name comes from Huayra what means Wind in quechua Language.
  • Opening Wing Doors
  • Rear Mirriors
  • Interior
  • Moving Rear Flaps
  • Engine model
The Car
This car was equiped with Mercedes-Benz M158 V12 60º Twin Turbo Engine built by AMG that produces 720 HP, 0-100 in 2,8 seconds and 388 km/h top speed transmitted to a 7 speed transmission and total with weight of 1350 kg.
The Luxury interior has materials like kevlar, carbon fiber and titanuim.

I built it because is a beatful, luxury and elegant car and could be a great LEGO Supercar, and the luxuriest LEGO Car.