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Casino of Constanta


The Casino in Constanta is one of Romania's most iconic buildings. Located in the harbour of Constanta, Sout-Eastern Romania, on the cliff of the beach, it has been built at the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays it is not used and it was left to decay. This project's IDEA (pun-intended) came on a trip to the monument's city. If you like this model and wish for it to become a set, please vote it on this page! Thank you!

P.S.: If you looked the building up on the Internet, you might see that the front window and some other windows are missing. If this becomes a set, these details will be printed as stickers and will come in the box. This is due to the constraints of the bricks regarding their dimensions. Also, I did not want to make it too big and too time consuming, because it would be boring and VERY expensive that way. If this model succeeds in becoming a set, I will pursue in making more sets with not so popular yet superb buildings all around the world.

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