Product Idea

Electric Company

This is my take on an electric power facility. This build is modular. Many photos were referenced during the building process. Modeled after a new co generation facility,

Features of this building include:

The smoke stack to channel steam away from workers. 

 The first building in front monitors transformer preformance. Transformers are located on the front left of the complex.

The industrial style ladder system is located in the rear of the front building. The roof houses a/c systems and connections to the transformers. Climbing to the top brings you the commercial cooling fans for the whole facility. Maintenance can be performed on both the cooling sysytem and the generator powering the fans.

Below houses yet another building. This room serves as the main control for the entire facility. Energy awaiting dispersement is stored in the generators located underneath the container. The a/c unit located on the wall at the top of the staircase cools the container only. The pipes on the back wall are gutters, attached are flood lamps for added security.