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Medieval Bridge Over Water


Hi, This is my fully custom Lego bridge. It has 7 mini-figs, and several animals. It spans over 2 32x32 blue base-plates and has detailed land on either side. The inspiration for this MOC, or My Own Creation, is my ancestor who maintained a bridge in England. On the bridge there is a small hut that sells food to travelers, a man taking a cow to market, a boy and his dog (who are up to no good), and there is also a trio of knights. The bridge it self has two large arches, and 2 smaller arches. I would love to see this as a product on Lego store shelves, But that can only happen if you go over to the support button and click with your mouse or tap with your finger (Mobile users). And one last note, I have no real brick count but I would say around 750 to 1,250 pieces. Thanks for supporting me and my Lego building passion.